2.5. Demo Application

2.5.1. List of EGOS Demo Application:

Each EGOS Demo Application shows an example of a use case of EGOS with its environment. These files are located in the 2_USER/SRC/src/egos_app folder. Be aware of that you need to have the correct libraries configuration to run these application. The required configuration is given in the comment header of the file in the config field. Your library configuration is given in the configuration files located depending of your board in the 2_USER/SRC/inc/egos_cfg/ folder. These configurations must not be updated if you do not have the right access to recompile the libraries.

  • demo_app: use EGOS with a full application
    • demo_app__master: use of the LoRa, accelerometer, button and led drivers
    • demo_app__master_EGOS_kit: use of the LoRa, accelerometer, button and led drivers, specific to EGOS kit.
  • demo_drv: use EGOS with supported drivers
    • demo_drv__button_led
    • demo_drv__flash
    • demo_drv__glcd
    • demo_drv__lora
    • demo_drv__lpwan_scapltp
    • demo_drv__sigfox
  • demo_hal: use EGOS with the MCU peripheral
    • demo_hal__analog
    • demo_hal__rtc
  • demo_oss: use some EGOS Kernel services
    • demo_oss__proc_switch
  • demo_try: begin with EGOS basics
    • demo_try__chest
    • demo_try__driver
    • demo_try__freeze
    • demo_try__handle
    • demo_try__message
    • demo_try__proc
    • demo_try__sleep
    • demo_try__start
    • demo_try__task

You can also check the driver documentation and the EGOS API reference to have more information about the drivers and the EGOS features.

In order to compile one of these demos, you need to specify its name when building EGOS, using the following command:

make all MAIN=my_application_file_.c    # Clean and Build all


make build_all MAIN=my_application_file_.c    # Build only (no clean)